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Apr 25, 2014 - Releases |Press

Mighty Oak Entertainment Unveils Development Slate

Independent production company Mighty Oak Entertainment (“Whacked Out Sports,” “Whacked Out Videos,” “Monster Knockout,” “Sports Crash”) has announced a roster of five potential series in development – “Goofball Sports,” “Athlete Interrupted,” “My Viral Video,” “Bad Day at Work” and “Workout Freaks.” “Goofball Sports” is an interactive clip-show comedy where viewers can participate through apps and a dedicated website. “Athlete Interrupted” documents the rise and fall of athletes in search of redemption. “My Viral Video,” hosted by Conor Knighton, celebrates the stories behind the web’s most popular videos. “Bad Day at Work” features embarrassing moments at the workplace. And “Workout Freaks” profiles some of the world’s most intense bodybuilders.

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